Paula Krebs


Paula M. Krebs is the Executive Director of the Modern Language Association, whose 25,000 members are scholars and faculty members in languages, literature, writing, and cultural studies.  In her role as executive director, Krebs advocates nationally for humanities education and the value of the humanities, working with faculty members, employers, and public humanities agencies. She has written on higher education and humanities issues for the  Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, the  Washington Post, Slate, and other publications, and she serves on the board of the National Humanities Alliance, Krebs has long worked on issues of race, class, and access in higher education. She is a Victorianist by training and inclination, with a doctoral degree in nineteenth-century British literature and culture from Indiana University and a B.A. in English from La Salle University. She is the author of many articles on Victorian literature and culture as well as Gender, Race, and the Writing of Empire, (Cambridge UP, 1999), and she is co-editor of The Feminist Teacher Anthology (Teachers College P, 1998) and Kim, A Longman Cultural Edition (Pearson, 2010). She worked during college and graduate school as a sportswriter. 

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