April 19 – 20, 2019
georgia institute of technology | Atlanta, Ga

In the history of the modern university the relationship between the humanities on one hand and sciences and technology on the other has been a contested one.

Our symposium means to bring together leaders from across the nation to create an inventory of the opportunities and challenges for humanities scholarship and education at institutions of higher learning primarily focused on science and technology research and education.
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Featured LMC Alumna

Nettrice Gaskins

Selections from Gaskins’ Deep Dream collection.

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Hosts: John Browning, Karen Head, Richard Utz 

Format: Keynotes 25min; Responses 10min

Jacqueline Jones Royster, Georgia Tech

Letting Tech into the Humanities and the Humanities into Tech
Paula Krebs, MLA

Rhyming the Human, Reading the Signs
Lucinda Roy, Virginia Tech 

The Dream of an Integral Plan at MIT
Rosalind Williams, MIT

Making Games to Make Change
Alexandrina Agloro, ASU

Here’s Looking at You, Craft
Michael Nitsche, Georgia Tech

The Perils and Rewards of Interdisciplinary Scholarship for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Laura Severin, NCSU

Guidance and Restoration: Some Timely Opportunities for Humanities Scholar-Educators and Students at Technological Institutions
Paul M. Goldbart, UT Austin

‘Almost Unintelligible’: Practical Approaches to Interdisciplinary Education in STEM Contexts
Julia M. Williams, RHIT

Grand Challenge Seminars: General Education that Integrates the Humanities Rather than Isolates Them
Richard Scheines, CMU

Rhetorical Studies Goes Tech: Working in the Archives with Digital Technologies
Jacqueline Jones Royster, Georgia Tech

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